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Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers (Marvel)

Written by rodolfomartinez

October 12, 2016

Most comic book collectors out there have some nostalgic memory of Star Wars. It could have been being around to see A New Hope in theatres in 1977, or memories of the prequel trilogy.  For those that remember Star Wars the first time around (like me!) then you probably hounded your parents for those Kenner figures that many of us still fondly remember.  I can still picture how excited I was when I got the Luke Skywalker figure with a slide out lightsaber built into his arm.  This little bit of my childhood is why I got so excited about Marvel’s variant covers for their Star Wars launch.  The classic look of the figure packaging has been re-purposed for some very cool, retro looking books, like the ones below:

Star Wars #1 – Luke Skywalker Variants

It started with Star Wars #1, which of course need a Luke Skywalker variant. This is a nice book for any serious Star Wars collector.  For those that really want to complete their collection, we have the ultra rare black and white version which was handed out to comic book store owners who attended the Diamond Breakfast at the 2015 C2E2 Comic con in Chicago, with copies limited to one per store.  You can purchase the regular variant from our online shop or give us a call about the black and white variant .


These covers were a huge success, with other number 1s for Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Lando, Han Solo, and new The Force Awakens character Poe Dameron, as well as other iconic characters like Chewbacca and Obi-wan Kenobi.


Marvel continued the trend, with more variants for issues #2-16 as well with an assortment of lesser known, but still very interesting, and very collectible characters.


For those that can’t get enough of Darth Vader, there is also the Star Wars: Vader Down back cover variant, and the exclusive three pack mail away.


We have a huge selection of  other exclusives, such as the John Tyler Christopher Star Wars #4 Boba Fett. Star Wars #7 Black and White Boba Fett, Poe Dameron #1 Black and White, and a Han Solo #1: Bespin.
Until the end of November we are running specials with variant covers starting at $10 and CGC/CBCS graded books starting under $100! Come by today and have a look at one of the best Star Wars variant cover selections in London!

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